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We recommend that our patients consult us at least once a year for a complete examination and cleaning. This will allow us to make an early diagnosis of cavities or other diseases that may be present. This avoids many inconveniences for our patients, such as unnecessary pain, loss of one or more teeth and more demanding treatments.

periodontics services

Periodontics is the set of tissues that support the teeth to your jaw. Bacteria in the mouth can attack these tissues, weakening them and making them mobile and painful. Periodontal infections are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. We can identify and treat these diseases and prevent the early loss of your teeth.

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When a tooth is severely damaged by cavities, broken or has received root canal treatment, it is best to strengthen it with a crown.  The crown completely covers the tooth. Made of porcelain-coated metal, it gives the tooth back all the strength it needs to chew properly.

implants and conventional bridges

It is now very common to use an implant to replace a tooth. The implant is a titanium screw, a very strong metal, implanted during a brief surgery in the jawbone, at the location of the missing tooth. Later, the dentist places a “false tooth” on the implant, which serves as a root for the new tooth.  It is not always possible to proceed by implant. In these circumstances, the dentist may determine that the solution is a conventional bridge. Crowns will then be made on the teeth adjacent to the space left vacant, in order to suspend the “false tooth”.

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Bruxism is a problem closely related to stress. It occurs mainly during sleep but occasionally in an awake state. Teeth are abnormally clenched, which can lead to pain in the jaw muscles, sensitivity of the teeth to the cold and even a limitation of the opening of the mouth. This leads to premature tooth wear. Bruxism can also cause joint noise or cracking during chewing. The dentist can make the appropriate diagnosis and make an occlusal plaque to relieve the unpleasant effects of bruxism.


A tooth whitening treatment can improve a smile that lacks shine. The Centre dentaire des Basses-Laurentides offers two types of bleaching: treatment with Poladay molded gutters and treatment with strips coated with a bleaching product. The dentist will examine your teeth and can advise you accordingly. An examination and cleaning are essential before a bleaching treatment. Be aware that the shade and starting color of the teeth will have an impact on the final result. As a result, it is never possible to guarantee that the final result will be an immaculate white dentition.

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centre dentaire des basses-laurentides


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Your teeth are important.

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